NEW RELEASE: Aquios X4 Matrix Dreams Evolving Refill

matrix evolving 754 ART.png

*Patches for Aquios X4 Rack Extension

Exciting, creative, and interesting… The Aquios X4 Matrix Dreams Evolving Refill boasts extremely high-quality patches designed to express the strength of the DNA Labs Aquios X4 Rack Extension.

This sound bank has a healthy and modern palette of unique sounds ranging from contemporary poly synths, leads, gated synths, bells, choirs, brass, pianos, and strings.

This refill has 114 patches.

The Aquios X4 Matrix Dreams Evolving Refill will elevate the creativity in any producer or artist! 

You can use the refill to extend the creative possiblities of the latest DNA Labs Rack Extension... The Aquios X4! This refill is great for not only real instruments, but synth instruments and hybrids of the two as well. The sounds have moving filters and multiple layers with built-in effects so that each sound is interesting, but also wet and industry level.


  • 114 Total patches
  • Every patch has unique effects and modulation assigned
  • 14 Bells
  • 5 Choirs
  • 12 Gated
  • 1 Key
  • 11 Leads
  • 9 Pads
  • 4 Plucked
  • 9 Piano
  • 10 Poly Synths
  • 4 Strings
  • 35 Various Multi-Layered Combinator Patches


  • Propellerhead Reason 7 or later
  • DNA Labs Aquios X4 Rack Extension