Hydronexius Workstation ROM 2

Hydronexius Workstation ROM 2


Enter the Hydronexius Workstation ROM, a wave based workstation armed with a massive sound bank of enormously filtered pads, wobbling dub step basses, chest pounding sub frequency 808 bass drums, heavily modulated futuristic club leads, dripping wet synthesized bells, elegant string sections, huge cinematic brass, breathtakingly smooth pianos, evolving ambient soundscapes, beautifully plucked pizzicatos, heavenly angelic choirs and powerfully psychotic analog processed 808 drum sets. With both pristine orchestral and synthesized instruments, the Hydronexius RE combines the magically sweet and powerful analog feel with the precision of a professional yet easy to use digital graphical user interface. Hydronexius is the quintessential rack extension for producers of all genres from ranging from trap, dub step, house, & all electronic dance music to dramatic & realistic orchestral scoring. Submerge yourself in an oasis of disturbingly unique and exquisite sounds....

Product details

The Hydronexius Workstation ROM s a powerful virtual instrument comprised of many synthesized sounds, orchestral sounds, and drum sets. This workstation is loaded with unique analog and digital synths, gated synths, edm leads, super saws, bells, drums, strings, brass, pianos, pads, choirs & vox, plucked, and a professional onboard effects engine for that industry "wet" sound.

  • Approximately 1000 waveform sample (Over 2 gigabytes) with over 1050 preset factory patches included.

  • Analog Harmonic Distortion (AHD) Onboard 3rd order harmonic distortion processing level with presence, dual tone eq (low & high), 1 stereo type, and 4 mono types. (Solid State Stereo, Tube, Drive, Fuzz, & Scream).

  • X & Y HD Virtual Analo modeled filters each with: Lp12, Lp24, Bp6, Hp12, Hp24,(with dual resonance controls) & Comb Filters (the X comb filter has positive feedback & Y comb filter has negative feedback).

  • Respective lfo and envelope pre-routed level controls for both X & Y Filter Effects.

  • Dual filter section Semi & Cent Tuning.

  • Dual filter section Volume and Pan Knob.

  • Dedicated vibrato lfo with depth, rate & sync controls (Random, Drift, Sine, Square, Saw, Triangle Lfo types).

  • Studio quality ambient reverb with 7 professional parameters including high & low cut, damp, size, decay & mix knobs.

  • Studio quality delay (4 types) with 11 Professional Parameters including stereo offse, time sync, feedback, damp, & mix knobs.

  • tereo field spatial imaging via 21 ms stereo delay imaging knob.

  • ditable pitch wheel range and controls.

  • Dedicated modulation wheel hydro submersion filter effec (global low pass with 17% resonance).

  • End of signal chain stereo chorus and stereo phaser with mix contro and bypass.

  • Poly glide amount control kno (polyphonic mode only).

  • Global attack, hold, decay, sustain, and release sample control.



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