Europa Thor Codeine X Refill

Europa Thor Codeine X Refill


System Requirements:

-Propellerhead Reason 7 or later

-Propellerhead’s Europa Synthesizer

Patches for Propellerhead’s Thor & Europa Synthesizers

A multi-layered oasis of new synth sounds the DNA Labs way….  The Codeine X Refill boasts extremely high quality modern synthesized patches designed to express the new age creativity of the Europa Synthesizer and Thor Synthesizer. This sound bank has a healthy and unheard palette of unique new sounds ranging  from dreamy filtered bells, deep oceanic pads, crispy club leads, haunted nightmarish choirs , phaser engulfed poly synths,  all the way to choppy digital gated synths . This refill has a total of 128 patches. The Codeine X Refill will definitely elevate the creativity in any producer or artist! 


▪ 125 Total patches

▪ Every patch has unique effects and modulation assigned

▪ 47 Multi-Layered Combinator Patches

▪ 40 Europa Synthesizer Patches

▪ 38 Thor Synthesizer Patches


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