Malstrom In Da Trap 1 Refill

Malstrom In Da Trap 1 Refill


Patches for the Malstrom Synthesizer & Combinator Utility

Reason 8.1 or Higher Required

Trap inspired sounds to the max…. The Malstrom Trap Dope Refill is packed with meticulously designed sounds for the modern trap producer. There are 107 patches for the Malstrom and Combinator! There are presets like the Be Trap Hall Bells, Gt Air Saw Memories, and Ww Cyberion Flute. This refill will definitely inspire the creativity in any artist or producer!

107 Total Patches

Every Patch has Unique Modulation

44 Combinator Patches

62 Malstrom Synthesizer Patches

1 Reverb Rv7000 Patch

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