Parsec 2 Trap Life Refill

Parsec 2 Trap Life Refill

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Trap Style Parsec Synthesizer Patches

Parsec 2 Synthesizer Rack Extension is required for compatibility.

Reason 9 or Higher is required for compatibility.

The latest in modulation and filtering techniques as well as lfo/env powered moving parameters were incorporated to create the unique futuristic sound palette of the Trap Life Refill for the Propellerhead’s Parsec Synthesizer Giant. Dive into the depths of your creativity.

101 Total Parsec 2 Patches

10 Strings

7 Bells

14 Choirs

14 Gated Synths

12 Guitars

7 Keys

9 Leads

6 Mono Synths

13 Pads

5 Plucked Synths

4 Poly Synths

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