Parsec 2 Trap Life Refill

Parsec 2 Trap Life Refill


Trap Style Parsec Synthesizer Patches

Parsec 2 Synthesizer Rack Extension is required for compatibility.

Reason 9 or Higher is required for compatibility.

The latest in modulation and filtering techniques as well as lfo/env powered moving parameters were incorporated to create the unique futuristic sound palette of the Trap Life Refill for the Propellerheadโ€™s Parsec Synthesizer Giant. Dive into the depths of your creativity.

101 Total Parsec 2 Patches

10 Strings

7 Bells

14 Choirs

14 Gated Synths

12 Guitars

7 Keys

9 Leads

6 Mono Synths

13 Pads

5 Plucked Synths

4 Poly Synths

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